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Trek eBike Sale

Dual Sport+ -$2100 (Regular $2400)

FX+ - $2200 (Regular $2500)

Verve+2 - $2400 (Regular $2850)

Verve+3 - $2600 (Regular $3300)

Used Rental Bike Sale

Verve 1 - $400

Townie 7D - $360

While supplies last.  

Purple Step-Thru Townie 7D

Black Step-Over Townie 7D

White Step-Thru Verve 1

Black Step-Over Verve 1

Electra eBike Sale

Cruiser GO! $1100 (Regular Price $1600)

Townie GO! 7D $1400 (Regular Price $1900)

Townie GO! Path 10D $3000 (Regular Price $3850) 

Long live
the road ride

Trek Domane SL and SLR

Jack of all trails,
master of fun

Trek Fuel EX

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